These are some of the bucketlist items I’d like to touch on. LMK if you have any suggestions for these, or what you think about each category, or just in general if you’d like to do a photoshoot with me at these locations. Ping me!


Narrow streets - parkour positions

Middle of the road - man alone in the road, sadface.

Chalk lights - display with all black otherwise


Top of Janss Steps - flowers

Antelope Valley - flowers

Pink Wall - LA


Sloan’s - Santa Monica cutesy photoshoot

Walls - A series of colored paper along a wall & standing in it with an all-white outfit. Or several thicker strips of color along the wall and then taking a photo there (may need Austin’s umbrella thing)

Fingerpaint - White background and location with a babies with white diapers with paint on their hands


Chess - Put small chess pieces on the floor of Powell during finals week. Then do a video on the Adele thing

Watch - Watch advertising


Iranian Culture Association - Sara 

Grad photos - Brent

Birthday party - with the hat and white everything else besides confetti


Coffee Shops - Capital One Cafe, Aritzia


My personal documentation of my life

Biography about mom

Biography about dad

Biography about members of our church

Biography of my friend Josh

Biography of my friend Michelle

Biography of Apt 25

fashion journey


[What could go here is a primary bucket list for personal items i’d like to try and then accomplish them. For instance:]

  • a video that as i complete tasks & turn them into blog posts, the video shortens. Then I could promote that video via FB or something so that people can help me complete the tasks that are on there, together! (save money for this)

  • a collage that has an initial photo in white of one word that depicts what my objective is, and then a real photo & a link to the blog post when I hover/click on it. The ones not completed are still blank with the single word.

  • Some of my bucket-list items:

    • Go to a korean spa then go out to bars with my apt

    • Buy a mirrorless camera

    • Get A’s for the rest of the school year after this quarter.

    • Go up Royce with my apt

    • Clear out my emails/google drive/memory space

    • Go surfing once after mastering treading water

    • Try to master JS to create a better website

    • Read through Tipping Point all the way

    • Eat more trail mix.

    • Learn how to emboss.

    • Run a marathon

    • Talk to V and Brian more before end of April

    • Be thankful for the situations you have, esp because there are youngsters who’ve been through more and have gotten out thankful in it too!

    • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve with my apt for grad photos

  • Some good quotes:

    • “wisdom is living with the tension”

    • “tact is making a point without making an enemy” (but that depends on culture!")

    • “It is normal to not know”